Marine Barracks Bombing

Marine Barracks BombingMarine Barracks Bombing


After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the United States and France dispatched troops to form a peace keeping force between the opposing sides. Terrorist attacks on the troop barracks of both nations resulted in terrible losses. 241 US servicemen and 58 French paratroopers were killed in the attacks. It was the worst single day of casualties suffered by the US Marine Corps since Iwo Jima. While US suspicions have focused on Iranian sponsored Hezbollah terrorists, precise responsibility remains unknown.

Time: Late War
Side: USSR
Ops: 2
Removed after event: Yes


You might see this as a headline (sometimes followed by an AR1 Middle East Scoring). But unless it throws the US out of the region entirely, it is otherwise not a particularly good event, since the 2-3 influence is easily replaced.


Generally not much of a problem, since you replace the two influence lost with the two Ops of the card and give up on Lebanon temporarily. It is only really annoying when Middle East Scoring is getting ready to be played, and the loss of Lebanon, even for a single Action Round, becomes meaningful.

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