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Community game against me!

I’m playing against the BoardGameGeek community in a Twilight Struggle game. Come check it out and play! I will be playing US. I’ll write down my thoughts during the game, and post it as a blog entry here afterwards as the … Continue reading

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Twilight Strategy App

Jason Trill has made TwiStrug, an amazing app that collates all of the articles into an easy-to-read format.  Very useful for an ongoing game or for a quick lookup! In addition, we are working with GMT to put out hard copy … Continue reading

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Twilight Strategy: the e-book!

Twilight Strategy is now available in PDF, epub, and mobi for download!  It is a collection of every post made on Twilight Strategy and can make a great gift for someone just learning Twilight Struggle. The book is, and always … Continue reading

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Late War recap

The analyses for all of the cards are finished.  Here is a brief summary of the Late War cards (including Optional Cards, as always): Late War Neutral US USSR All cards Scoring 1 Ops 2 Ops 2 3 5 10 … Continue reading

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AWACS Sale to Saudis

AWACS Sale to Saudis 1981 – 1987 The E3 “AWACS” aircraft is one of the most sophisticated early command and surveillance platforms available to the United States Air Force. Imagine Congress’ surprise when President Ronald Reagan announced plans to sell … Continue reading

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General Strategy: Realignments

Realignments are one of the most puzzling aspects of the game to a beginner.  They are rarely the most effective use of your Ops, frustratingly DEFCON-restricted, and can never gain you influence in a target country. In general, realignments only … Continue reading

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Yuri and Samantha

Yuri and Samantha 1982 – 1985 In one of the many bizarre, human moments of the Cold War, Samantha Smith, a ten-year-old American school girl, wrote the newly appointed General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, Yuri Andropov a letter. … Continue reading

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Iran-Iraq War

Iran-Iraq War 1980 – 1988 Commenting on the war, Henry Kissinger famously remarked, “Too bad they can’t both lose.” Sparked by simmering land disputes over the Shatt al-Arab, Saddam Hussein sought to establish Iraq as a true regional power, and … Continue reading

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Solidarity 1980 – ? A trade union movement originating in the Polish shipyards of Gdansk, Solidarity became the focal point for anti-communist resistance within the Eastern bloc. Solidarity quickly moved beyond a simple worker’s movement and rallied pro-Catholic, intellectuals and … Continue reading

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Wargames 1956 – 1995 Brinksmanship was a term coined by John Foster Dulles to describe a policy of coming close to war, without falling into the abyss. At different times, during different crises, this policy was pursued by both superpowers. … Continue reading

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