Community game against me!

I’m playing against the BoardGameGeek community in a Twilight Struggle game. Come check it out and play! I will be playing US.

I’ll write down my thoughts during the game, and post it as a blog entry here afterwards as the much-requested fourth Annotated Game.

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4 Responses to Community game against me!

  1. Teddy bess says:

    A third annotated game perhaps?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The annotated game was posted on the last page of the forum.

    Here’s the link:

  3. Vasek says:

    An interesting game, though its a pity that USSR started with such a handicap. Now I do not mean the low-ops hand, but the start of the game with Vietnam Revolts, without Asia scoring card in the hand.
    I would start the game with headlining arab-israeli war, couping Iran with the Marshall Plan on AR 1 and taking South Korea with the China card on AR 2. With a bit of luck, this would give USSR solid control over future developments in Asia and Middle East, the US struggling for access. Vietnam War could have waited unlit later in the turn when Defcon is lower or, ideally, for headlining in Turn 2.
    Otherwise great respect for the Community fighting well until the late war…

  4. nkhlestov says:

    Just a second, please, do you really discuss real games on the cite? It’s amazing. I’m a big fun of playing the ‘Twilight Struggle’, but I haven’t got any partner.

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