Brezhnev Doctrine

Brezhnev DoctrineBrezhnev Doctrine


Announced to a crowd of Polish workers by Brezhnev himself, the Brezhnev Doctrine clarified the de facto policy of the Soviet Union, the Prague Spring. Namely, current socialist countries would not be allowed to abandon socialism or adopt a position of neutrality. The doctrine contributed to the Soviets’ miscalculation of world reaction to their invasion of Afghanistan. They looked upon the invasion as the mere application of this well-understood doctrine.

Time: Mid War
Side: USSR
Ops: 3
Removed after event: Yes


A superb USSR Mid War headline at a time when there is usually very little good news for the USSR.  Compared to Containment, it has two disadvantages: first, it comes at a time when there is less opportunity for Ops on the board, and second, if drawn by the US, it has zero effect instead of a minimal effect.

But its great advantage over Containment is that it allows the USSR to deal with the irritating Mid War US 1 Op cards: OAS Founded, Panama Canal Returned, Kitchen Debates, and Sadat Expels Soviets.  (Sometimes CIA Created, if you are unlucky.)  It makes those events eligible for the Space Race and alternatively makes it much easier to mitigate their effects.  (The latter is also true for Ussuri River Skirmish.)

Occasionally I will hold this from turn to turn if my hand is not particularly suited for Brezhnev Doctrine (e.g., many scoring cards or no US events).  But I will always headline it sooner or later.


Play it on the last Action Round and be glad you drew it.

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2 Responses to Brezhnev Doctrine

  1. ddddddd says:

    Solid advice for the US there.

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