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Liberation Theology

Liberation Theology 1969 – ? An outgrowth of the Second Vatican Council, liberation theology stresses Jesus Christ as liberator. The theological strain that sustained this outlook originated in Latin America and flourished there, particularly with the Jesuit order. While never … Continue reading

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The Voice of America

The Voice of America 1947 Formed in 1942 under the War Information Office, the VOA initially broadcast war news into Nazi occupied Europe. In 1947, it altered its mission to begin broadcasting into the Soviet Union. Voice of America has … Continue reading

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Shuttle Diplomacy

Shuttle Diplomacy 1973 Personalized diplomacy that uses advances in transportation and communications, Shuttle Diplomacy was a hallmark of Henry Kissinger’s term as Secretary of State. Most famously, it was utilized to broker a cease-fire between Israel and Egypt after the … Continue reading

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Sadat Expels Soviets

Sadat Expels Soviets 1972 Anwar Sadat was an early participant in anti-colonial activities against the British-sponsored Egyptian monarchy. He became vice president under Nasser, and inherited a deteriorating relationship with the USSR when he transitioned into the presidency. The Soviets … Continue reading

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Nixon Plays the China Card

Nixon Plays the China Card 1972 Realizing that normalization of relations with China was key for US withdrawal from South Vietnam, Nixon sought a summit between himself and Mao. Nixon dispatched Henry Kissinger to secret talks with the PRC’s foreign … Continue reading

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OAS Founded

OAS Founded 1948, 1967 Founded with the specific aim of promoting democracy in the western hemisphere, the OAS has been an occasionally useful body for the promotion of US interests within the hemisphere. It provided international legitimacy for US actions … Continue reading

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Latin American Death Squads

Latin American Death Squads 1960 – 1989 Throughout the Cold War, both left and rightwing governments supported reactionary regimes that resorted to disproportionate force when reacting to threats to that government. While this was a particular penchant of rightwing governments … Continue reading

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