1970 – 1973

A physician, Salvador Allende was popularly elected in Chile to lead that nation’s first socialist government. Allende moved quickly to socialize copper production— Chile’s largest export commodity. The mines were largely held by two US companies, Kennecott and Anaconda. Relations with the US soon turned frosty, and the CIA supported an attempted coup in 1970. It failed. However, as the West applied harsh economic sanctions, the Allende regime floundered in its second and third years. In 1973, the military, led by Augusto Pinochet, deposed Allende with a bloody assault on the presidential palace. Allende took his own life.

Time: Mid War
Side: USSR
Ops: 1
Removed after event: Yes


If you haven’t made it into South America, then Allende is great, obviously, but beware getting wiped out by realignment.

If you’re already in South America, then Allende is rarely helpful unless you really need 2 influence in Chile right now.  Better to just let it come back in the Late War.

When taking over South America, I usually take over Chile last, because maybe the US has to play Allende for me.  But as soon as I suspect the scoring card is coming, I take Chile rather than miss out on Control or Domination because I was too cheap to spend two influence.

Similarly, if I need to establish access to South America via coup, I usually coup Venezuela/Brazil, because I might eventually gain access to Chile via Allende and Argentina via The Iron Lady.


The easiest way of dealing with Allende is to overcontrol Chile first and then use Allende’s 1 Op to repair the damage.  If the USSR doesn’t have access into South America, then the best way of dealing with Allende is usually via realignment: take Peru and Argentina, then realign away the two USSR influence.

The worst situation is when neither of you are in South America: you’ll just have to hold Allende for a long time.  If forced to play it, your best bet is to still try to realign Chile, with 1/6 odds of knocking the USSR out entirely.

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6 Responses to Allende

  1. trevaur says:

    If you are under containment and South America is empty then it is totally worth spacing this card IMO.

  2. ddddddd says:

    I hate having this card as US. It has no redeeming features at all. I usually just hold it until it becomes irrelevant; It’d one of those cards which: if the USSR still isn’t in the region and you know Decol’, Junta and Liberation Theology aren’t coming up then you hate to have to open the door to the USSR. However, usually he’s in the region (or will be soon), or else I just have too many other problems to be dealing with and I need its 1 Op somewhere else.

    It’s a bit like having OAS as the USSR. Normally I just suck it up. “Laaaame.”

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  4. lambolt says:

    or if you have Venezuela and Brazil as the US, its not a case of “just” getting in Peru, or Argentina, or adding to Chile. And if you have influence in Peru or Uruguay to get into Chile, then the USSR has had a non DEFCON restricted, non BG low stability country to pop at to get into South America. so again, I wonder if I am playing the same game as you lot, because I dont see how the USA can “just pop some in Chile” to overcontrol, unless they have already had influence in either Peru/Uruguay, which are both jus red flag invites to the USSR to go in arent they? So either South America is empty (or as in my current game, I have Brazil/Venezuela only) or the USSR is also in there with you, or????

    • theory says:

      You might have gotten into Chile/Argentina via something like OAS Founded or Puppet Governments. Or you might have couped the USSR out of Argentina with ABM Treaty / etc.

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