Socialist Governments

Socialist GovernmentsSocialist Governments


Beginning with the end of the Second World War, the US was challenged by democratic leftist movements within its sphere. Italy, under de Gasperi, was particularly contentious with communists and socialists participating in government. The CIA funded an extensive propaganda program against these movements. Socialist governments would be the topic of concern again during the 1960s in France, and with left-wing labor party in the UK.

Time: Early War
Side: USSR
Ops: 3
Removed after event: No


An all-around excellent headline throughout the game.  If you don’t have other Headline-AR1 combinations, a Socialist Governments headline can be followed up with just about anything on AR1: you can take over a European battleground, you can score Europe on hugely advantageous terms, or you can simply to take one out of the UK or Canada so that Special Relationship and NORAD, respectively, don’t trigger.

On Turn 1 in particular, a Socialist Governments headline can cripple the US position. It is one of the few headlines that can make an opening Italy coup worthwhile, since if you’re going to give up western Asia, you better at least do some serious damage in Europe to make up for it.  The very threat of a Socialist Governments headline also keeps the US opening setup honest, since it essentially compels the US to overcontrol Italy.

If nothing else, the Socialist Governments headline is a useful distraction; if you can remove three important influence, then even if you don’t play into Europe on AR1, the US will usually be scrambling to fix the situation on their AR1.  Later in the turn, it’s not quite as helpful, and you’re usually better off using the 3Ops or holding it for next turn’s headline.


Typically either played for Operations (to replace the influence lost), or simply played on the Space Race (especially if under Red Scare/Purge).  Either way, it’s an empty Action Round, but at least it’s usually not a problem to deal with; be thankful you drew it and not the USSR.  If you are not careful, you aren’t always able to replace all your Influence (e.g., if you had 2 in Greece and 1 in Turkey, and let Socialist Governments trigger first, you may no longer have access to Turkey to replace its influence).

Somewhat takes away the sting of a USSR play of The Iron Lady, which is technically a US event but in practice far more useful for the USSR.

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1 Response to Socialist Governments

  1. Sergei Anderson says:

    It is kind of annoying how much more powerful SG is when compared to EEU. I think I might flip the powers of the two events, to give the USSR another empty action round card in the early war when they have so few of them.

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